In the fore­see­ab­le future, digi­tal ener­gy meters (electri­ci­ty) will have to be used accord­ing to the German legis­la­tu­re. In this case, a dis­tinc­tion is made whe­ther it is a one-way or two-way coun­ter or a smart meter. For the pro­duc­tion of the­se digi­tal coun­ting devices, com­ple­te­ly new tech­no­lo­gy is used, which tech­ni­cal­ly has not­hing in com­mon with the pre­vious "electri­ci­ty meters" that worked on an elec­tro­me­cha­ni­cal basis.

In recent years, our com­pa­ny has focu­sed on the con­cep­ti­on, deve­lo­p­ment, and pro­duc­tion of equip­ment and resour­ces for the manu­fac­tu­re of such a meter. Also in recent times, sys­tems for rela­ted sub­are­as (sin­gle cells for assem­bly and test are­as) have been deli­ve­r­ed again. As the demand for the­se meters incre­a­ses noti­ce­ab­ly, also with regard to the pre­scri­bed con­ver­si­on peri­od, we have expli­ci­tly expan­ded our capa­ci­ties in this area.

At pre­sent, such pro­duc­tion plants are in pre-con­struc­tion, which are also deli­ve­r­ed bey­ond the European bor­ders.