The B-Juniors (U17) and C-Juniors (U15) of the sport club BSV 1921 Fürstenberg e.V.  were equip­ped with a set of tracksuits. The girls of the two teams come from all parts of the city of Bad Wünnenberg. The B-juni­ors are trai­ned by Elmar Schütte, Herbert Lehmann and Ralf Sadrowsky and the C-juni­ors by Raphael Thiele, Hermann Veith and Michael Förster.

In the trai­ning camp on the island of Norderney from 30.05. - 02.06.2019 the tracksuits were used for the first time. The uni­form appearan­ce of 35 same-dres­sed play­ers loo­ked always good, whe­ther on a beach visit or a visit to the ice-cream par­lor.

Even at the last game of the B-juni­ors the suits brought luck and they won against Westenholz with 9: 1 and secu­red the 4th place in the league. Next year, the ladies hope for one of the top three pla­ces.