In the recent month, our com­pa­ny has been able to win an exten­si­ve pro­ject in the area of exhaust gas tre­at­ment (MAR-com­mer­ci­al vehi­cles). Given that dif­fe­rent dri­ving con­cepts will deter­mi­ne our mobi­li­ty in the near future, a maxi­mum reduc­tion of pol­lutant emis­si­on will play a decisi­ve role. Comparable die­sel engi­ne pro­jec­ts have alrea­dy been imple­men­ted by us over the past two years.

Since sustainab­le envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion is very important to us, we feel addres­sed even more when tho­se pro­jec­ts are enqui­red to us.