Code of conduct | Commitment to integrity

Code of conduct | Commitment to integrity

Integrity is a central part of our company philosophy.

It is obligatory that the action and conduct of every employee is governed by honesty, sincerity, openness, equity and reliability with mutual respect both within and outside the company.

The credibility of our company and the trust of our clients, suppliers, banks and colleagues, as well as that of the general public is decisively influenced by the behaviour of every individual employee.

We expect all our employees to be aware of and comply with the principles of this code of conduct at all times.
Our ideals and values make our dealings predictable, giving both us and our business partners an essential security.

All employees of Discher Automatisierungstechnik GmbH will naturally obey the laws in force and respect the generally accepted customs of whatever country they are active in.
This includes, for example, criminal liability under the legislation of bribery and corruption in business transactions, as well as international human rights essential for our social standards, but also general customs and practices.

This code of conduct is binding for all employees of Discher Automatierungstechnik GmbH.
We expect all our executive staff to put these principles of commitment to integrity into practice, to clearly communicate them to others and be individually responsible for upholding them.