Company history

DISCHER Automation, based in the German town of Bad Wünnenberg-Haaren, was founded as a private company by Reinhard Discher in 1993.
Renaming as a limited company followed in 1996 due to the increase in turnover.

The core competency of DISCHER Automation was as a service provider to companies in the automotive, machinery and plant engineering sectors.
Characteristic activities were intelligent hardware and software solutions for diverse industrial control applications.

As the operational activities increased the decision was made to expand the company to cover the complex areas of machinery and plant engineering and robotic systems.
From now on DISCHER Automation is able to operate as a manufacturer of specialty systems with an impressive depth of production.

In the meantime Discher Automatierungstechnik GmbH has advanced to become a medium size enterprise with extensive expertise, own innovations and absolutely convincing customised concepts.
Customer proximity and satisfaction has been the key to further company expansion.

From 2010 to 2015 the production area has been steadily expanded by 2,200 square meters through the building of 3 new production halls.
DISCHER Automation is now easily able to produce assembly lines systems of considerable size and to test these under production conditions.